Mobile Device Management
to Secure Your Business

Mobile Device Management (MDM) has become an important part of business, to ensure Security and Compliance.

Especially for the use of smartphones in the office for accessing and using cloud-based Business apps which can improve efficiency and productivity.


Powerful capabilities of MySecureME Enterprise makes it fast and easy to deploy
applications without listing them on the public app stores.


Create a secure container for data, In case a device gets lost, you can lock and wipe it remotely.

App Management

Allows you to manage the Apps and protects your organization's data within an application.

Device Management

Monitor and Manages any employee devices that access data.

Content Management

Allows admins to securely share the corporate content such as documents and media files.

Application Management

Application management option provides the ability to manage the apps using MySecureME. It acts as your private app store which allows administrators to upload Apps and seamlessly deploy them to the devices.

Remote Install, Update, Uninstall Apps
Install, uninstall and update the applications in a user's device. If an User doesn't have an option to update an application to a new version, an Admin can update it remotely.

Remote Block/Unblock URLs:
If an user needs only one company website to access, an Admin/Manager gives permission to that website and rest all are blocked.

Content Management

Content Management allows admins to securely share the corporate content such as documents and media files. Admins can create, edit or delete the folders or files on user devices remotely as per the requirements. If there are any unused or harmful files existing on a user's device, Admin can delete them remotely.

The most common sources of data breaches are:

  • Sync Folders
  • Remotely Publish/Unpublish Folders & Files

Device Management

MySecureME optimizes the functionality of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, while securing the enterprise from threats

Regardless of whether they are company-owned or personal device, this solution helps you manage all aspects of your mobile devices, from basic configurations to more advanced security settings. You can remotely lock/unlock, set password, reset, reboot the device, or wipe it.

  • Admin can lock a device into single or multi-app Kiosk mode
  • Optimize the functionality of mobile devices
  • Secures the Enterprise from threats
  • Manage from basic configurations to advance security settings

Find Your Device

Can able to view live locations and pull the location history
from a device, also track and notify if a user moves beyond the allocated Geofence.

  • Live location
  • Geofence and Notifications


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